Alison Hainey is an artist and practicing Landscape Architect. After graduating in Landscape design Alison worked in the USA and Hong Kong, before setting up her own landscape practice in London in 1986. Her drawing style has evolved through what Alison describes as an “obsessive search” to create work that examines our inner vulnerabilities. More recently, Alison has explored these ideas through painting and printmaking.


Alison’s work focuses on the human figure. “The search,” she describes, “is not for realism or anatomical accuracy, but an exploration of emotions, revealed to us by the subconscious signals we use to communicate."


Solitary heads and groups of figures are a recurring theme in this search, where the nature of the contemplative thought or dialogue is open to interpretation. A core interest in how we read each other’s emotions and translate complex signals: the brave face; the suppressed truth; a hidden lie, is a continual fascination. In these often difficult exchanges, her figures suggest that although gregarious, we are ultimately alone.


The figure, or figures are located in abstract worlds, stripping these elusive connections of any excessive narrative, and focusing on the emotion. In more recent work, the figures themselves have begun to unravel and dissolve.

Alison Hainey Head Etching